Are Lifeline Products Warranteed?

The only warranties that are made by Lifeline are those set forth in the Lifeline Limited Warranty.


Are Lifeline jackets certified?

All Lifeline merchandise meets the appropriate racing association standards. Many associations require life jackets to be re-certified by the manufacturer in two or three year periods. Check the label on your racing jacket for date of certification.


How do I clean my life jacket?

Lifeline jackets may periodically require dry cleaning. This must be done at Lifeline. Jackets returned for dry cleaning will be inspected at no charge. You will be notified of any necessary repairs, and their estimated costs. Please furnish a return shipping address and phone number when sending in a racing jacket for service.


How do I travel with my Lifeline products?

All Lifeline products should be stored and/or transported in suitable cases or containers in order to prevent damage such as punctures, tears and rips or deterioration due to climatic conditions such as moisture, mildew, etc.


What if my product gets damaged?

Prior to each use of a Lifeline product, inspect the product thoroughly. Never use a Lifeline product that has been damaged. Contact Lifeline immediately to ascertain if the product can be repaired. If it cannot be repaired, do not use the product.

Do not attempt to repair the product yourself. 
Do not make any modifications or alterations to Lifeline products. Always return your Lifeline product to Lifeline for any modifications, alterations or repairs. The only warranties that are made by Lifeline are those set forth in the Lifeline Limited Warranty.


Can I repack my Parachute?

No. If the parachute on a Chute Jacket is deployed for any reason whatsoever, do NOT attempt to repack the parachute. The parachute must always be repacked by Lifeline. The Chute Jacket is designed as a deceleration device intended to decelerate a driver who is thrown sufficiently clear of a moving boat to activate the self-deployment parachute mechanism.


Can I use my Capsule Suit or Flotation Suit on any boat?

Lifeline Capsule Suits/Flotation Suits are to be used only in a boat equipped with an approved capsule and restraint system.


How do Nomex products protect me from fire?

Lifeline products manufactured of Nomex are of 100% Nomex Aramid III flame retardant fabric. Nomex material is flame retardant, but is not flame-proof or flame-resistant. If any damage such as tears, rips, etc. are made in Lifeline products manufactured of Nomex, said products should not be used. Lifeline should be contacted immediately to ascertain if the product may be repaired or should be replaced.


What is your policy on Unclaimed Merchandise?

Any equipment sent in to Lifeline to be re-certified, repaired or altered, must be claimed/paid within ninety (90) days of completion date. If equipment is not claimed/paid, it automatically becomes the property of Lifeline Jackets.